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Spain’s Vox party and the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) will join the party group of Patriots for Europe, a new European party alliance, in the European Parliament, party leaders said on Friday. Vox leader Santiago Abascal told Spanish news portal La Gaceta the new group was aimed to integrate patriotic and sovereigntist forces in Europe, which was in line with his party’s goals. “Patriotic forces have a historic chance to use their mandate from voters in a large group, offering an alternative to the coalition of EPP, the Socialists and the radical left,” the portal quoted a statement by Vox. PfE “reflects on a new reality, on a message from Europeans that want a radical and urgent change of directions in the EU,” the statement said.
PVV leader Geert Wilders said on platform X: “We are PVV-patriots, we love our nation. Strong and sovereign.” PVV fights against illegal immigration and defends peace and freedom, he said, adding that his party supported Ukraine. “We protect our Judeo-Christian heritage. And our families,” he said. “We want to combine forces in the EP and will proudly join Patriots for Europe,” Wilders said.