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Manfred Weber “and the European People’s Party he has pushed to the left approved 21 anti-Hungary resolutions” in the European Parliament, the communications director of the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance, Tamás Menczer, said. In a video on Facebook, Menczer said Hungary had been “attacked” over the establishment of its Sovereignty Protection Office and LGBTQ rights and had been accused of “not being a democracy”. The purpose of the attacks, he said, had been to prevent the country from gaining access to the European Union funds it is entitled to. Menczer said Hungary’s left-wing opposition MEPs had all voted in favour of the resolutions against Hungary. He said there was a “clear alliance between Manfred Weber and the Hungarian left”, which had now been joined by Peter Magyar, MEP and deputy leader of the Respect and Freedom (Tisza) party. “They’re attacking us because we say no to the war, migration and LGBTQ propaganda,” Menczer said, vowing that Hungary would not change its stance despite the attacks.