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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said his talks with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris had also covered the war in Ukraine, noting that Hungary and France had “significant disagreements” in the matter. “I made it clear to the president that Hungary isn’t concerning itself with either Ukraine or Russia; it’s concerning itself with peace,” the prime minister said. He said Hungary was not against one country or another, but against war. “It’s the war that we want to stop, so the most important goal for us is for there to be a ceasefire as soon as possible and to prevent further deaths,” he said.
In response to a question, Orbán said Chinese-Hungarian relations were not a topic of discussion at the meeting. “Everyone knows that Hungary has had balanced and good relations with China since historical times, and China has also elevated its cooperation with Hungary to a very high level,” he said. He said the EU was aware of China’s role in the modernisation of Hungary’s economy, and China has offered Hungary a role in the modernisation of its own economy. “This entails an ever-increasing economic cooperation, to which the Europeans have no objections, nor can they,” he said.