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Klára Dobrev, the list-leading MEP candidate of the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK), Socialist and Dialogue-Greens parties, called the outcome of Hungary’s European parliamentary and local elections “disappointing”, at a ballot-watch early on Monday. Dobrev said they had thought that their policies would “convince more people”. She said three of the four parties that would be representing Hungary in the EP were right wing and they “envision a very different Europe to the one we do”. She said they still believed that a strong Europe could guarantee prosperity to Hungarians in their everyday lives. Dobrev said that over the coming months and years DK would aim to convince more and more people that they could only prosper in a strong Europe, arguing that Hungary would be “crippled” by a weakened Europe.
Ferenc Gyurcsany, DK’s leader, said the elections had “significantly reshaped the Hungarian political map”, adding that the reasons behind this and its consequences would be discussed in depth in the coming days and weeks. He said it was “disappointing” that DK would have fewer MEPs than they had wanted, “but the European idea we represent won’t change”.