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Whereas hope of bringing an end to the war in Ukraine appears to be fading every day, "we still have a chance to vote in the European Parliament elections and stop it", Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Friday in an interview to public radio.

There are points in history before every war when the clock cannot be turned back, Orbán said, adding that “we are very close to that point”. The prime minister said that France was handing over fighter planes to Ukraine and Russia had stated their ability to deliver weapons to any US enemy, which, he said, were “no longer simply statements but actions”. Russian ships were on their way to Cuba and Russia was engaged in conflicts in Africa, “and everywhere circumstances are getting increasingly tense”, he added. The war in Ukraine, he said, was turning from a regional conflict into a European and West-East standoff, “and regional wars usually develop into world wars”. “We’ll have a chance to stop the war” in the EP elections, he said. “Then there’ll be a few difficult months until the American elections, during which we can survive”. Orbán said that “when Donald Trump returns — and with a good European election behind us — we can form a pan-Western transatlantic peace coalition and stop the war,” he said.