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Europe “is in a state of war psychosis” that could logically result in the arrival of western European military units in Ukrainian territories, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Friday in an interview to public radio. Looking back to the past, he added, it was easy to see that “we are entering an open conflict at accelerating speed”. “Those who say there is no direct threat of war are misleading the people,” he added. “Unfortunate Hungarian leftists”, he said, were “torn between war and peace, while the Hungarian people — even on the left — want peace”. But those who “pay the left, from Soros to Brussels to Washington, want war.” Attempts were being made to silence pro-peace politicians, he said, citing the attack against Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico and the blocking of online reports about the Peace March held in Budapest last Saturday. A direct military conflict was being prepared, Orbán said, adding that Russia “is not a third-rate country, however, and there will be a response to every Western move, which will result in the escalation of the war,” he added.
“We are in the last moments; we are only centimetres from the point of no return,” Orbán said. “We must act now,” he added. Orbán also stated his objection to a European decision to ban member states from receiving Russian broadcasts, insisting that Hungarians and the citizens of other EU countries were prevented from getting hold of Ukrainian and Russian news and then deciding “where they think the truth lies”.