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A Peace March, organised by the Civic Union (CÖF) and its foundation CÖKA, arrived at a meadow on Margaret Island a little before three o’clock in the afternoon on Saturday.
As the first Peace March participants arrived at the meadow, the end of the procession was still in front of the parliament building, stretching along the Danube embankment road to Jászai Mari Square and across Margaret Bridge. The participants marched behind a “NO WAR” banner. At the front of the procession were Tamás Deutsch, who heads the European Parliament list of ruling Fidesz-KDNP, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén, National Agriculture Chamber head Balazs Győrffy, CÖF-CÖKA spokesman Zoltán Lomnici, editor-in-chief of weekly Demokrata András Bencsik, the publicist Zsolt Bayer, the political scientist Tamás Fricz, CÖF founder László Csizmadia, the journalist István Stefka, the businessman Gábor Szeles, the presenter Ádám Fásy and the frontman of the band Edda Attila Pataky. Many of the participants carried signs reading “Go Hungary!”, “Fidesz”, Vote! June 9.” “No war, No gender and No migration” as well as ones with the names of cities and towns. There was also a European Union Civil Cooperation Council flag in the crowd. The crowd sang the national anthem and the Kossuth Nóta, a patriotic song, during the march. They also chanted “Go Hungary! Go Hungarians!” and “Go Fidesz!”. The national flag, the Szekler flag, the German flag and the Swiss flag also appeared in the crowd.