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List leaders of opposition parties in the European Parliament election responded to a speech by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivered at the Peace March in Budapest on Saturday. In a statement, Klára Dobrev, the EP list leader of DK-MSZP-Párbeszéd, called Orbán “the only pro-war politician in Europe” and said he had signed a “dirty deal” with Russian President Vladimir Putin on gas that required Hungarians to pay “the highest gas prices in Europe”. “Viktor Orbán is financing Putin’s war in Ukraine with Hungarian money,” she added. Anna Donáth, the head of Momentum, said Orbán had “taken a stand for Russia’s total victory and Ukraine’s defeat behind a peace banner”. Anybody who is pro-peace backs Ukraine, not Russia, she added in a post on Facebook. Donáth said supporting Ukraine to defend itself and win its fight for freedom would lead to peace. LMP co-head Péter Ungár said Orbán was mistaken to say the EP election was a vote of confidence in the government. The EP elections are about issues within the scope of the European Parliament, such as the green transition, not World War III, he added.