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Brussels is seeking "to repress pro-peace forces", making a last-ditch effort to remove the final obstacle to the war "by silencing [Hungary] or excluding it from decision-making", the foreign minister has said.

Péter Szijjártó was reacting to a recent remark by Hadja Lahbib, the foreign minister of current European Union president Belgium, who said in a recent interview to Politico that the Article 7 procedure against Hungary should be carried to completion with the possible outcome of Hungary being stripped of its voting rights. Szijjártó said Brussels “is enveloped in panic”, with only six days left before the EP elections. “Six days are left for people to pull the brake on the apparently unstoppable pro-war train from rushing to its final destination, a third world war,” he said, adding that “the brake can be pulled by European people on June 9”. “We’ll need very strong support and a big win so that we can withstand the pressure in the weeks and months to come and forcefully promote peace and act against Europe’s preparations for a third world war,” Szijjártó said. “Brussels, the liberal mainstream, visibly dislikes it, but the [Hungarian] government won’t give in to pressure and will soon take over the European Union’s presidency … and do everything in the interest of peace,” he said.