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Preparations for NATO’s Ukraine mission have been progressing at full tilt in recent weeks, Péter Szijjártó, the foreign minister, said, adding that this was “extremely dangerous” and contrary to the alliance’s original mission, as the organisation was not under attack. “There is no need to use war rhetoric or create war tension,” the minister said. “This is a defence alliance, not one designed to attack.” He said the government had made it clear in recent weeks that “no Hungarian soldiers can take part in such operations, no Hungarian territories can be used for such operations and no Hungarian taxpayers funds can be used either.” Yet Hungary was being “put under pressure to join this”, he added. “Naturally, I will continue to resist tomorrow, and make it clear that there is no way Hungary can be forced to join this operation. And it is still unclear how the mission can go ahead without Hungarian taxpayers’ money being used. So heated debates can be expected tomorrow,” Szijjártó said.