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Hungary is donating nearly 10 million euros with the aim of advancing peace in Syria and helping Syrian refugees return to their homeland, the state secretary in charge of aid to persecuted Christian communities said on Facebook on Tuesday. Speaking on the sidelines of an international conference held in Brussels on support to Syria and to countries accommodating Syrian refugees, Tristan Azbej said he was promoting the Hungarian government’s “pro-peace and anti-migration position and solidarity with persecuted Christians” at the conference. He said Hungary’s position urging the international community to do everything to ensure that Syrian refugees could return had been shared by Lebanon and other neighbours of Syria. “Western proposals under which refugees and migrants would stay in other countries without limits are dangerous and unacceptable,” Azbej said, arguing this would seriously burden the recipient country and enhance risks for them.
Azbej noted that the nearly 80 participants of the conference did not include any religious leaders from the Middle East. “Not only is it pointless to discuss Syria’s future without religious players, without the churches; it is also impossible to make peace and help the most vulnerable,” he said. Hungary has previously helped “those suffering in Syria” with a donation of 25 million euros and will continue promoting stability in the region, helping Christian communities and contributing to the prevention of migration, he said. Azbej said the Hungarian donation includes health equipment for Egypt to help with services delivered to Syrian refugees, as well as a contribution to humanitarian programmes in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq in coordination with Christian partner organisations.