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“What belongs together is now growing together,” the Fidesz-KDNP candidate for mayor of Budapest said on Friday, responding to a strategic cooperation agreement by the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK), Socialists and Párbeszéd. In a video message on Facebook, Alexandra Szentkirályi said the agreement by the opposition parties showed that “Gyurcsány’s people aren’t making any secret of the fact that they run city hall and the mayor”. She said they had brought Budapest to the “brink of bankruptcy” in recent years and now promised to keep it there if it were up to them.
She noted that the agreement was for the long term and involved joint lists for the European Parliament and the Budapest municipal council elections as well as a joint candidate for prime minister in the 2026 general election.
“Today, Ferenc Gyurcsány has a mayor, while the citizens of Budapest have none,” she said. “That’s why there must be change in Budapest,” she added.