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A congress of the opposition Socialists on Saturday designated Budapest deputy mayor Kata Tüttő to head the party’s list for the upcoming European parliamentary election. “Ruling Fidesz can be defeated but none of the opposition parties are able to achieve that goal alone,” Tüttő told the campaign opening party congress in Budapest. Party co-chairs Ágnes Kunhalmi and Imre Komjáthi underlined the importance for opposition parties to run together as a united left-wing bloc in the upcoming election. “In a ‘smart’ coalition, the opposition parties could have an influence on a European level and could prevent the Orbán camp’s forging ahead,” Kunhalmi said. In her closing address, Tüttő said her campaign programme focuses on promoting women’s rights, strengthening Europe’s social democrats, accessing all EU funds Hungary is entitled to and “making friends in the EU”.