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The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) wants to establish “a state of the people” where the powerful in politics and economic life do not lord it over the ordinary public, the party’s MEP said on Monday, at an event closing the launch of the party’s election campaign. Klára Dobrev told the event streamed online that a battle was being fought between democratic states and multinationals, which were gaining in economic influence. Large companies used their financial and economic powers to try to force their will on the running of the state, she said, adding that democratic states were struggling to keep this tendency under control. DK’s programme “is about taking back our home country from the billionaires of the governing elite and giving it back to ordinary, decent Hungarians,” she said. Dobrev said the reason why her leftist party led by her husband, the former Socialist-Liberal prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány, had set up a shadow government was because the party believed there was need for an alternative political force that could demonstrate that it was capable of governing the country. “It is DK’s obligation to show that it is ready to govern, and it must prove that there is a way out of the current economic and moral crisis,” she said.