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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, in an interview held in Hungary’s Brussels Public Media Centre, said that in Brussels “at first, they only talked about sending helmets to Ukraine, then it came to tanks and aircraft, “and now they’re talking about proposals to send western European soldiers to be stationed in Ukrainian territory”. He added that no decision had been made yet about where and for what purpose, but the preparations were under way. “We must be careful not to get sucked into the war psychosis and lose the ability to pursue the right direction based on Hungarian national interests,” he said. Orbán said that 2-3 months ago what had been unimaginable had since become a simple everyday event. He noted that whereas once the Germans talked only about sending helmets, they were now discussing giving a missile system to Ukraine that would enable them to reach targets as far as Moscow. The prime minister said he was a supporter of reasonable disputes but it was now necessary “to put our foot down” and demand ceasefire and peace talks because otherwise “they will suck us in”. He also said that even in Hungary there was no consensus about the issue, because whereas the government maintained a sober and pro-peace attitude, the left wing was pro-war. The “umbilical cord”, the “alimentary canal” of the Hungarian left wing “are in Brussels and in America”, he said. “They are getting fed from there … they pay them from there, and this is why they represent the pro-war position”, he added. Orbán said he was certain that “Hungary would be deep in the conflict currently spreading between western European countries and Russia” were it not for its national, right-wing government. He warned that the first world war also started as a local conflict which then expanded.