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Only nuclear energy can produce large quantities of cheap, safe and sustainable electricity, Viktor Orbán said in Brussels.

Speaking at the Nuclear Energy Summit 2024, organised by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the prime minister noted that Hungary has been using nuclear energy for some fifty years, “and this provides a stable basis for the safety of our energy supply”. Around half of Hungary’s electricity is produced by its nuclear plant, which covers about one-third of its demand, he said. “Based on this experience, we decided not only to maintain our already existing capacity, but to invest more into nuclear, and to increase its share into 70% when it comes to national electric supply,” Orbán said in his speech delivered in English. “The challenges we have been faced with recently have further raised the significance of safe and secure supply of energy,” he said. “The question became absolutely obvious: how can we generate big quantity of electricity in a cheap, safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly way. The answer is clear: it is only the nuclear way of generating electricity which can simultaneously satisfy all these requirements.”