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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told the Nuclear Energy Summit 2024 that new 2,400 megawatt capacity “will be connected to the grid” at the start of the next decade. “This will enable us to avoid imports of 3.5 billion cubic metres of natural gas every year, and our annual CO2 emission will be decreased by 17 million tonnes, which equals 1.5 times more than the emission of the entire Hungarian transportation sector and three times more compared what all Hungarian forests can digest. “We are happy to note that regardless of the geopolitical difficulties, a wide range international, professional and scientific cooperations still exist on the field of nuclear energy, while Russia became the number one Uranium supplier of the United States this year, a number of American, German, French, Swedish, Swiss and even Austrian sub-contractors are working together with the Russian constructor of our nuclear expansion project.”
“It is the interest of all of us to prevent nuclear energy to become hostage of geopolitical conflicts, hypocrisy and ideological debates. Therefore let me finally thank all of you to interfere into the European Court case regarding our nuclear investment and to ensure the safe delivery of nuclear fuel to our existing plant.” Speaking to journalists, Orbán reiterated that the issue of energy often became hostage to an ideological approach which, he said, was “bad”, arguing that energy was neither an ideological nor a geopolitical question, and should be rescued from that “trap”. Orbán stated Hungary’s full support for nuclear energy as the only energy source that did not degrade the environment while providing large quantities of energy.