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Brussels “is caught up in a spiral of war”, and the main question at the European parliamentary elections will be whether someone has a pro-peace or pro-war stance, the Hungarian prime minister said on Friday.
Previously in European political battles, the main categories were between the right and left, globalists and sovereigntist forces, but recently a new dimension has opened up, and instead of party affiliations, what matters is whether someone is pro-peace or pro-war, Viktor Orbán said in the interview held in Hungary’s Brussels Public Media Centre. It would be best if Hungary and the other European countries sent as many pro-peace politicians to the EP and as few pro-war politicians as possible, he said. The future of left-right cooperation, and who would be stronger, were also worth discussing “but what’s most important is stopping the war psychosis”, he added. Orbán said EU leaders talked as if they were fighting their own war against Russia, “unlike us, who, while not indifferent to human tragedy, are not a warring side”. He said “distance” was needed, and “calm” was missing in Brussels. “They are at war, and they talk about the need to defeat Russia,” Orbán said, adding that “they are taking on more and more to achieve that goal”.