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Hungary is calling on the European Union to set clear political guidelines on its approach to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the minister in charge of European Union affairs said on Tuesday. The EU must ensure its reactions to the developments of the war are predictable for the bloc as well as Ukraine, János Bóka told the Hungarian press after a meeting of EU affairs ministers in Brussels. The EU’s policy on Ukraine had started developing in a way that could create strategic uncertainty instead of setting a clear political framework, he added. The EU must also clarify the areas in which it will support Ukraine, he said. “We don’t think we can responsibly take on commitments the boundaries of which are not clear to member states.”
Regarding the conflict between Hamas and Israel, Bóka said Hungary condemned the attacks by the terrorist organisation and demanded the immediate release of the hostages. Hungary recognised Israel’s right to self-defence, he said. Security risks to Israel must be eliminated before talks can start on the future of negotiations on the Middle East, and on avoiding escalation, he added. Humanitarian ceasefires must help aid efforts and the release of hostages, he added. “We see it as important that aid reaches those truly in need of help and that Hamas and other terrorist organisations can’t abuse the efforts.”
Touching on the matter of European agriculture, Bóka said Hungary saw the issue as of primary importance. The Common Agricultural Policy must take into account the “the repercussions of opening the market to Ukraine, which is now felt in almost all member states,” he added. The European summit starting on Thursday will discuss issues on migration, including the protection of the external borders and cooperation with third countries. Hungary is hoping for further deals similar to that signed with Egypt and “we would like the European Council to discuss and make decisions on the cooperation with Türkiye,” he added.