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“Everything we have we received from our forebears, including the mission to preserve and pass it all on,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in a speech marking Hungary’s March 15 national holiday, adding that “this is the essence of Hungarian freedom.” He said that millions of people in the Western world went through life with the notion that “they come from nowhere and are going nowhere, therefore they believe it is not necessary to be considerate of anybody or anything”. “They start wars and destroy worlds, they redraw country borders and devour everything like locusts,” Orbán said. “They neglect to respect the dead and they take away the rights of the unborn,” he added. “We Hungarians live differently and want to continue living differently; we come from somewhere and are heading somewhere,” Orbán said. “The meaning of freedom for Hungarians is that we are building a country with no landlord overseeing us”. “Nobody else in the world thinks it is important that something Hungarian should survive,” he added.
“We know that a Hungarian quality of existence is a unique and unmatched, high-level form of human life, and it is the greatest thing to be born a Hungarian,” he added. “In the Western world, people believe they live as individuals and it is up to their free choice to decide which country’s citizens they should be and whether to be a boy or a girl,” he said. “We Hungarians know that if you stand alone in the world, you are lonely, not free,” he added. The youth of March 15 proclaimed to the world that “we Hungarians are companions, not only in friendship and family, but we are also companions in the homeland”, he added. “And we are also companions with those before us and after us,” he said. “The life of Hungarians forms a continuous chain, from Saint Stephen to King Mathias and Petőfi, and the Hungarians of ’56, all the way to us and beyond.”
He said people today feared for their freedom because of Brussels, just like at the time of 19th century revolutionary poet Sándor Petőfi. “They want to pressure us into something that Hungarians cannot bring themselves to do … which is damnable for the Hungarian spirit, and … alien from Hungarian life”. “They want to pressure us to get involved in a war, they want to force us to take in migrants, and they want to change the upbringing of our children, but we will not enter the war, we will not let the migrants in and we will not give them our children,” Orbán said. “This is simple like algebra and clear as the Sun, because Hungary is a free and sovereign country, and it will stay so.”