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Hungary provides humanitarian aid to the civilians suffering under the Hamas terrorist group in Gaza, the foreign ministry state secretary in charge of aid to persecuted Christian communities said in Brussels. Speaking to MTI after addressing the European Humanitarian Forum, Tristan Azbej said Hungary is helping Egypt manage the influx of refugees from Gaza by providing the country with medical supplies and financial aid. Hungary has also sent 400,000 US dollars’ worth of humanitarian aid to both Christians and Muslims in the Palestinian territories via the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, he added. Meanwhile, Azbej said Hungary “hasn’t forgotten about the crisis zones that get less global attention”, either, noting that the government had launched a humanitarian and development project in the Sahel, which is facing political instability, desertification, a food crisis, a water shortage and civil wars. Hungary, through its Hungary Helps humanitarian programme, has also sent a medical mission to Chad to aid internally displaced people as well as Sudanese and other refugees there, Azbej said. The government also helps persecuted Christians in Nigeria living under the threat of Boko Haram and other terrorist groups, the state secretary added. “We believe in providing both immediate and long-term assistance to local communities,” Azbej said, underscoring the importance of Hungary’s support for the Chadian authorities caring for refugees