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Voters in the European Parliament elections on June 9 will have to decide "between war and peace, between Brussels' leash and Hungarian freedom," the prime minister said in his speech marking the March 15 national holiday.

“If we want to retain Hungary’s freedom and sovereignty, we must occupy Brussels and bring change to the European Union,” Viktor Orbán told a crowd in front of the National Museum. Since 1848, “the time always comes for every generation and each Hungarian youth when they must make a decision,” he said. One must make a decision “if you are on the side of truth or join the herd of globalist bleaters,” Orbán said. “Brussels is not the first empire that had designs on Hungary, but in the past 500 years all such empires realised that oppression, bribery or violence … would not get them anywhere,” he said, referring to the Ottoman and Habsburg empires as well as the Soviet Union. “We’re the David that Goliath had better avoid,” Orbán said. He also added, however, that “Hungary demonstrated through the Compromise [of 1867, with Austria] that if we are given respect, we will also give the respect that is due.” “Brussels alone would not grasp that … but we will march up to Brussels and we ourselves will bring change to the European Union,” Orbán said.