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The most important international task right now is to avoid an escalation in the war in Ukraine and the Middle East, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said, warning that if either of those conflicts spread to other countries, it could easily lead to a third world war. Several international organisations had failed when it came to peace-making in recent years, Szijjártó, who is on a visit to New York, said in a post on Facebook. He argued that the European Union and other organisations had proven ineffective in moving the war in Ukraine towards peace over the last two years. Instead of peace, there are weapons deliveries, which prolong the conflict and lead to more casualties, he added.
Meanwhile, Szijjártó said the global fight against terror had taken “a big hit” last October when Hamas launched thousands of rockets into Israel. He said the success of Israel’s counter-terrorism operations was a global interest, underlining the importance of protecting civilians and freeing the hostages.
“The United Nations is just about the last hope for preventing escalation in Ukraine and the Middle East,” Szijjártó said. “I have assured Secretary-General Guterres that Hungary will provide all support to the UN in order to establish peace.” He said Hungary had paid the last instalment of its member state contribution for this year at the end of January, making it one of the countries that ensures the effective functioning of the organisation.
The minister said that this was “not true for everyone”, noting there was a “rich and powerful country” that owed the UN budget hundreds of millions of dollars, thus threatening the effectiveness of its operations. Szijjártó said the UN was a key organisation, as it provided a platform for communication even between nations that are at war with each other.