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The Hungarian government "has fought for and been given a guarantee" that funds due to Hungary "cannot be sent to Ukraine", Viktor Orbán has said.

After an extraordinary EU summit in Brussels, the prime minister said EU leaders had negotiated for many hours over “whether to support Ukraine and if so, in what way and with how much money”. “That’s the point when talks broke down last December, when Hungary did not receive answers to the issues,” he said in a video posted on Facebook. “We were concerned that EU funds due to Hungary, which the country has not yet received from the European Commission, would sooner or later end up in Ukraine. And we were also afraid that we would provide Ukraine funding for the long run” without any oversight, Orbán said. Leaders at the summit negotiated a control mechanism to ensure “the reasonable use of EU funds”, he said, while “Hungary has received a guarantee that funds it is entitled to will not end up in Ukraine,” Orbán said, adding that “Hungary accepted this offer after long negotiations”. The prime minister also welcomed the positive reaction by the international markets to the agreement.