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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in an interview on Friday that he had held successful talks at the European Union summit in Brussels the previous day, and Hungary maintained its position that it would not send weapons to Ukraine.
Orbán told public radio that Hungary only allowed financial contributions towards efforts to prevent the collapse of the Ukrainian state. Brussels should focus all its efforts on peace and aim towards achieving a ceasefire as soon as possible, followed by peace talks, he added. Orbán said the 50 billion euros approved for Ukraine would not pay for weapons but for the running of the Ukrainian state. The Ukrainian economy, he said, had “essentially collapsed”. “I believe that time is on the Russians’ side … and power relations will not improve to Ukraine’s advantage,” he said. “Why pursue the war in that case? It’s the decision of Ukrainians because it’s their country and they want to make war,” Orbán said. He said that had EU member states been unable to reach an agreement, the 26 remaining states may have agreed on the funds needed for the running of the Ukrainian state and taken “our money away … and sent it to Ukraine”. He said the EU summit had ended successfully because an agreement was reached ensuring that “money cannot be taken away” from Hungary.