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The country cannot be sold out for money with impunity, which is why it is crucial to establish the rules of protecting Hungary’s sovereignty, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said after being re-elected the leader of ruling Fidesz. “We can’t just move past the proven fact — which has also been admitted by the left — that foreign states, organisations and Brussels itself gave money to the left to defeat Fidesz and the Christian Democrats,” he said. Foreigners “wanted to buy the future Hungarian government, and with it, the country, by the kilo”, the prime minister said. “Can the country be sold out for money with impunity?” Orbán asked, adding: “This obviously can’t stay like this”. “We have to fix this, and we expect our MPs to draw up the rules for the protection of Hungary’s sovereignty, all the way up to the constitution,” he said. “A lot has happened since the elections, we won a resounding victory,” he said. “The entire left wing … worked together against us, and collected all the resources of the western [European] left, money, media, politicians, and governments from the US Democrats to the Ukrainian government”. “Similarly to what happened a month ago in Poland,” he added. But Hungary started preparing earlier and “knew the strength of our opponents better since the … spider, the puppeteer is a Hungarian: George Soros and his network.”
Orbán said the proven fact that foreign states and organisations, “even Brussels itself gave money to have us defeated” must not be forgotten. Funding the campaign of the opposition leader in last year’s campaign, Péter Márki-Zay, “was the worst investment in Uncle George’s life,” he said, referring to American financier George Soros.