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Hungary will fight and defend itself with all its might, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the freshly re-elected leader of ruling Fidesz, told the 30th party congress on Saturday.

“We will reject the crazy ideas of Brussels bureaucrats, we will reject migrant invasion, gender propaganda, the mirages of war, Ukraine’s unprepared EU membership, the green ideologies bordering on communism and Jacobinism,” Orbán said. “We will protect ourselves from foreign attempts to undermine our sovereignty, even against the Soros empire attacking from Washington and Brussels simultaneously”. “We must say no to the model of Europe pushed by Brussels,” Orbán said, adding it was unsustainable and had no future. “Brussels is ruining Europe and leading it to its death, and puts a new nail in its coffin every day.” Orbán said the EU’s end was nigh if things went on the way they had been. “Our job, our calling, is to stop that from happening.” Hungary’s interest is that the EU, “that was so hard to put together”, stay together, Orbán said. Hungary must change the EU rather than leave it, “but that is only possible with radical change in Brussels,” he said. If things continued like this, the bloc would not explode, fall apart or collapse, but simply slide apart, Orbán said.