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Hungary will contribute to a “rightward turn in Europe” if it elects as few “leftist legionnaires” as possible to the European Parliament next year, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office told the 30th congress of ruling Fidesz on Saturday. While Fidesz “won big” at the last EP election, “foreign legionnaires are still too many”, Gergely Gulyás said. Opposition lawmakers cannot be counted on as “they are happy to accept pay and support from elsewhere, too”. Hungary is not getting what it is entitled to because the leftist parties “do everything in their power to stop education and health care from receiving additional funding”, Gulyás said. He insisted leftist lawmakers received “enormous wages … and were happy to accept unlawful foreign campaign funding, too”.
“Unless we want to dance to Brussels’ tune”, Hungary must send MEPs to Brussels who will reject all forms of migration, and stand up for the security and border protection of Hungary and see the country’s sovereignty as a priority, and will raise their voices for Hungarian interests in Europe, he said. Those MEPs will have to be able to stand up for the country unequivocally in a hostile environment, he said. “Those who agree with that have only one choice. Only Fidesz instead of the legionnaires!”
Csaba Dömötör, a state secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office, said foreign powers had tried to interfere with Hungarian issues many times. Similar powers would now “send the country to war, open the gates to foreigners and attack green investments, he said. “This is no country for agents, those working against their own country have no majority here, and will never have one,” he said. “This is the country of Hungarians who will defend it with strength, patience, brains and especially with a stubborn love of the homeland,” he said. An important point of defence will be the EP elections next year, Dömötör said. “The victory there must be so big it will be heard in every office and meeting room where they tried to decide about Hungarians without asking them.”