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The answer to the challenges of "a world slipping apart" lies in strengthening cooperation among Hungarians, the prime minister said on Friday.

„Our answer to that slipping apart is unity,” Viktor Orbán told a meeting of the Hungarian Permanent Conference in Budapest. In the coming years, the essence of Hungary’s strategy for Hungarian communities beyond the borders should be strengthening cooperation among Hungarians “as the world around us disintegrates and slips apart”, he said, adding that the European Union, too, was in the process of “falling apart” as “it is failing to implement its own decisions”. Orbán said Hungary this year had been able to maintain programmes and institutions created to support Hungarians outside the country but had no capacity to expand them. He said the country was expected to return to growth in 2024, and the resources for that expansion would again be at hand. The latest increase in the minimum wage shows that “life is returning into the Hungarian economy, and we’ve managed to drag it out of recession”. This, the prime minister added, would give the opportunity to revive development schemes for Hungarians beyond the borders, too, he said.