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"Hungary today is the voice of the people of Europe," Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told a conference organised by the Századvég Foundation on Monday.

“Hungary is the only country that speaks the thoughts of Hungarians and western Europeans,” he told the conference on sovereignty. “The time has come for change in Europe and for Europeans to take back European institutions.” Concerning the history of Századvég, Orbán said the institute was founded 30 years ago, “but the concept had been born much earlier, in the mid-1980s, when Századvég, a periodical, was issued,” noting his own participation. “This generation decided not to pretend anymore” and expressed its hatred of communism, he added. “We wanted the communists to fail and the Soviets to pull out of Hungary … and a periodical seemed to be a good idea, as free life begins with free speech and free speech starts with free writing,” he said. “Freedom will bring further freedoms and create free people; that was the philosophy of Századvég.” He said his generation had been “the most inexperienced and the most radical” of all other opposition movements. The foundation of Századvég was “a story of the heart and the love for the homeland”, he said.