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Hungary and Guatemala stand firm against illegal migration and are resolute on their sovereign right to decide whom to live with or without, Péter Szijjártó, the foreign minister, said in Guatemala City after his meeting Guatemalan counterpart Mario Bucaro on Thursday. Notwithstanding their geographical distance, both countries see almost eye to eye regarding the most important global challenges, he said, adding that both were “under attack” by the international liberal mainstream because they took their Christian traditions seriously, stressing the importance of protecting the traditional family model.
According to a ministry statement, Szijjártó noted that families in Hungary enjoy constitutional protections such as the statement that “the mother is a woman and the father a man”. Both countries, he said, were “proud of their culture and national characteristics” and refused to give them up. Szijjártó said both Hungary and Guatemala were eying the war in the Middle East with “deep concern”.
He said it was important not to lose sight of how the conflict started. “Israel was hit by a terrorist attack…” he said. “Terrorism must be eradicated; such an attack must not take place ever again.” Every effort, he added, must be made to avoid the emergence of a war between countries in the Middle East, as “this could lead to unforeseeable consequences”.