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“Europe should be led by able governments rather than NGOs,” Judit Varga, the head of the Hungarian parliament’s European affairs committee, concluded after talks in Italy. The talks with MP Alessandro Giglio Vigna, deputy of the League party, senate member Giuliomaria Terzi di Sant’Agata and other representatives, focused mainly on illegal migration and its impacts. Varga and her negotiating partners were in agreement that illegal migration was in close connection with terrorism, public safety problems in Europe and a re-emergence of anti-Semitism. Varga insisted that “politicians that earlier supported migration are now starting to realise that Europe’s migration policy has been ill-advised.” She said she agreed with the Italian politicians she had met that “migration must be stemmed, the external borders protected, and Europe should only be entered legally.”
Concerning Hungary’s upcoming EU presidency, Varga said reversing negative demographic trends would be high on the agenda as a crucial factor for Europe’s competitiveness. She noted the Italian government’s support for families “over promoting illegal migration”. She quoted Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni as saying that “mandatory migrant distribution quotas would not resolve the problems arising from migration”.