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Hungary must protect its southern border and it must protect its position in Brussels, he said. Additionally, regulations on migration must be tightened in response to the increasing pressure of migration, he added. The current regulations were suitable to handle the 2015 migration crisis but since the pressure of migration was now increasing, stricter rules were needed, he said. Orbán said the new asylum law must clearly define the legal grounds and the circle of people allowed to reside in Hungary, and the law must be strongly enforced, he said. The prime minister said that unless the legal grounds and timeframe for foreign stays in Hungary were clearly defined, “they will steal the country from us”. “Hungary belongs to Hungarians, including jobs here and the right to decide how to live,” he said. Orbán said parliament would adopt the legislation by year-end.
On the topic of the National Consultation public opinion surveys, Orbán said they served unity. “Power and the state as an entity in a community is defined by its ability to act in unison and to ensure that there is consensus on the most important issues, and that action is taken in view of the opinions formed in the process.” Referendums, parliamentary elections and the National Consultation surveys “are the basis of that joint action, and strengthen it”, he said.