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The only remedy for migration is not to allow migrants into the country, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in an interview to public radio on Friday.

Intelligence reports on migration “paint a dire picture” and strengthen the government’s resolve to “carry on with what we have been doing so far”, he said. Hungary was the first country which stated that “migration and terrorism go hand in hand”, and the reports also underpinned this view, he added. He said migrants were “increasingly aggressive and resort to violence against each other and the border guards”. “They apply increasingly harsh methods to cross the border fence and this radicalisation is actually backed by the appointed activists of terror organisations,” he added. He said the situation at the southern borders was becoming critical because it “is being shaped and organised” by people trained to do so. Migration, he said, was assessed differently by people without children as opposed to those who brought up children. The former, he added, considered migration to be a personal issue and thought about only whether they wanted to live in a country where migrants were around, while the latter also considered what type of country they wanted to leave behind to their children.