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The data protection agreement between the Hungarian and British governments is expected to contribute towards bolstering the security of Hungarians, Csaba Dömötör, state secretary at the prime minister’s cabinet, said in a parliamentary debate on Tuesday. Dömötör said the new agreement was another step towards reinforcing the country’s security “at a time of multiple crises and dangers” in connection with the wars in Ukraine and in the Middle East. Dömötör said the Hungarian government had already signed similar agreements with 30 other countries concerning the exchange and protection of classified information. The current agreement lays out rules applying to security cooperation, sharing, copying, translation and scrapping of classified documents, identifies the authorities involved, and establishes procedures to be applied when such documents are mishandled, the state secretary said. Under the agreement, Hungary and the UK agree to ensure equally stringent protection in respect of information exchanged under the accord, which also further strengthens cooperation between the two countries in the areas of defence, law enforcement, as well as in the fight against organised crime and terrorism, Dömötör added.