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Viktor Orbán has told lawmakers that "Hungary's enemies", were ready to make concerted demands in the autumn aimed at resurrecting the period in which Ferenc Gyurcsány, the one-time Socialist prime minister, governed.

The prime minister called “the Soros empire, Brussels bureaucrats and American democrats” enemies. “We don’t want to go back where they want to lead us, to the Gyurcsany era,” he said in an address to the opening of parliament’s autumn session. Hungary, he added, was politically stable and its economy strong enough to beat inflation, protect pensions, salaries and jobs, while the economy would show robust grow again next year. Orbán said a government priority was to maintain energy security in the face of the upheaval in the world energy market. “We continue to build our energy system in these turbulent times to ensure our independence,” he said, noting Hungary’s recent agreements on energy cooperation with Türkiye, Azerbaijan and Qatar. Efforts on the part of Brussels “to detach Europe from Russian energy” undermined the continent’s interests, he said, adding that “we don’t have enough power to prevent this now”.