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The Hungarian government provides humanitarian aid in the Sahel region through its Hungary Helps programme, with those efforts also restricting migration to Europe, Tristan Azbej, state secretary in charge of assistance to persecuted Christian communities, told public media on Friday. Stability in the Sahel is key for security in Europe, Azbej said, but pointed to recent civil wars and coups in the region. He said Chad was “the last pillar of stability” in the area, adding that the country had recently accommodated hundreds of thousands of refugees. He said one third of Chad’s population of 18 million required humanitarian aid, while climate change, and a shortage of food and drinking water were further worsening the situation.
Concerning the Hungarian government’s attitude of providing assistance, Azbej said it was “different from one-time colonists … it does not force its ideologies onto locals, but tries to improve the situation in cooperation with them.” “A personal, informal, and respectful approach is fundamental, which could be an example to be followed by others,” he added.
Hungary has sent a team of doctors to Chad, while agricultural and water management experts would also arrive soon to help with long-term water and food supplies, the state secretary said.