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Rather than “slavishly building the system”, Hungary’s leadership should resist efforts to turn the World Health Organization into a “world government”, the deputy leader of opposition Mi Hazánk said on Thursday. A political declaration on the prevention of pandemics is being discussed at the ongoing United Nations General Assembly session, but this document “is not only worrying, but also presents terrifying prospects for the restriction of freedoms”, creating the framework for a “world government”, Dóra Dúró told a press conference. This is but the first step of a mechanism in a legal guise that will lead to next year’s WHO pandemic preparedness treaty, Dúró said, speculating that the process would end with more vaccination drives that would “completely eliminate freedom”.
Under the new system, the head of the WHO would have the authority to declare a health emergency without anyone else’s approval, and the organisation would have control over certain national resources and the power to overrule certain national decisions, she warned. This would obviously weaken national sovereignty, Dúró said, insisting that the WHO “has by now clearly become a corporation of the pharmaceutical industry, representing the interests of its financiers and serving their goal to generate profits”.