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Hungary is for the victims and against further escalation, which is why it punches above its weight in providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine and those fleeing the war, President Katalin Novák said at the UN General Assembly in New York. Hungary stands for the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine, and understands Ukraine’s desire to be part of the community of European countries, “thus we expect it to uphold the values that characterise our community”, the president said. The suffering caused by the war affects families first and foremost, Novák said, adding that having visited Kyiv at Zelensky’s invitation twice since the outbreak of the war, she had seen the suffering of the families and “what they experience when the peace is broken”.
The Hungarian president also touched on the demographic challenges facing the world, warning that if the international community did not address this issue, “it will have an immeasurable impact on our economies, societies, and security in the near future”. She noted that last week’s Budapest Demographic Summit, “the most important international forum on demographic issues”, brought together public leaders, thinkers, demographers, and the representatives of family organisations and professional workshops from sixty countries and five continents. The message of the summit was that “pro-family forces stand up for their values and interests”, the president said. “If there is no child, there will be no future,” said Novák. “What is the point of looking after the Earth if we don’t have children and grandchildren to pass it on to?” Hungarians see the solution to the demographic crisis in strengthening and supporting families, Novák said. Hungary protects parental freedom, the president said. “We strongly believe that the right to raise children does not belong to the state, nor to NGOs, nor to the media or the knowledge industry, but to parents,” she added. Anyone who has a child is prepared to fight at any time to ensure that their child can live in peace and freedom, Novák said. “We recognise that family is the key to security. A strong, united and healthy family is a guarantee of security,” the president said, concluding her address.