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Hungary is the most steadfast and vocal proponent of the cause of families and demographics in European politics, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told the 5th Budapest Demographic Summit on Thursday.
Orbán said the Hungarian government was preparing to draft the country’s “family policy 2.0”, and called on participants to “turn European family policy around together.” Liberals’ attacks against Hungary for its pro-family, conservative and patriotic policies are in vain, “that only make us tougher – there will be no change,” Orbán said. He welcomed the participants, saying that the large number of visitors showed “how the matter of families and children moves people everywhere in the world.” Since the last summit two years ago, „the world has changed, and we now live in the shadow of war,” he said. At the same time, he welcomed that right-wing parties and Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni won the elections in Italy. “We thought Italy would never have a patriotic, family-loving, Christian government again.” Orbán agreed with Meloni that Europe’s future was in families, and that “it is important for children to have a father and a mother. “He said Italy and Hungary were both the “homeland of freedom fighters”.