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Hungary's government will protect families by all means possible, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told public radio on Friday.

The prime minister said he believed the measures introduced so far were enough to push inflation down to single digits by year-end. Multinational retail chains are taking advantage of the price increases resulting from the war and the related sanctions and trying to raise prices, Orbán said. This had a significant effect on inflation, “so steps must be taken against multinationals that act like speculators”, he added, noting that the government had taken appropriate action. Other countries are introducing other kinds of measures, he said, adding that price caps had gone “out of style”. Hungary, too, has switched to implementing mandatory discounts, but some countries are bringing back caps on the price of fuel and basic food products, Orbán said. There is a variety of measures that can be taken, and if necessary, the government will take further steps, he said, adding that they “won’t sit idly by”, but protect the people and families by all means possible. The war and the sanctions imposed in response to it also played a role, he said, and they, too, required action.