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The minister in charge of European Union affairs said on Thursday that the European Commission lacked a strategy on what the European Union could do in order to prevent the escalation of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war in Hungary’s neighbourhood. Commenting on EC President Ursula von der Leyen’s State of the EU speech, János Bóka said on Facebook that what’s important to Hungary’s government is how her remarks relate to the major issues that the cabinet believes the EU should deal with. Bóka said it was also important for the government how the EC president’s remarks related to the main tasks of the EU presidency Hungary is to hold in the second half of 2024. “We believe that the European Union has not really found an answer to the basic question, which is what could be done to find an end to the war,” he added. Bóka told commercial radio InfóRádió on Wednesday that the EC’s long-standing position on an unwavering support to Ukraine had not changed. “What is not clear is how military and financial support would take us closer to the end of the armed conflict, which is at the root of the EU’s numerous problems,” he added. In response to a question, he said the EU in itself was unable to force through a ceasefire.