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Opposition LMP will represent an “honest attitude” in the upcoming European Parliament election campaign, the green party’s deputy group leader, Máté Kanász-Nagy, told a press conference. LMP, he added, was best positioned to promote a “fair green transition” in Europe. He said parties campaigning in the context of the EP elections on a platform of low inflation and higher wages were being deceitful because “the European Parliament has no powers” to shape those areas. Kanász-Nagy said Hungary’s alliances should be the focus of the election campaign, and he blamed the government for “dismantling ties with its natural allies in the region just to meet the expectations of the Russian president”. “We must put an end to the era of expecting cheap fossil fuels from the East to undergird European competitiveness,” he said.
Meanwhile, he said LMP’s campaign was targeted against government efforts to “make Hungary into a battery-plant colony” adding that efforts to turn the country into “a waste dump for the East or the West” must be countered.