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The government plans to set up “migrant ghettos” in Hungary, according to an opposition Jobbik-Conservatives official, who called for the prevention of “migrant imports”. Instead of tapping Hungarians, the government has decided to draught in half a million migrant workers, László Lukács, the party’s parliamentary group leader, told a press conference in front of City Hall in Debrecen, in eastern Hungary. He insisted that the “migrant ghetto” planned for the city would house Asian migrant workers, who would take the away the jobs of “the people of Debrecen” and depress local wages. Their presence would also compromise the culture and civic life of the city, he added. To draw attention to this, he said Jobbik was placing a sign next to the construction of China’s Catl battery plant, pointing out that “thousands of migrant workers will come to this city and take away the work of Hungarians”. Lukacs added that the plant would “leach Chinese chemicals into Hungarian soil”. Referring to the prime minister, he said the “Orbán plan” for “the resettlement of migrant workers must be stopped”.