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Brussels is calling for austerity and proposing that Hungary "ruin its economy, people, families and pensioners", Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Friday.

In an interview with public radio, the prime minister said that Brussels did not want Hungary to take banks’ and corporations’ extra profits away, and wanted pensioners and families to have to pay full energy prices. “They’re asking for something that we’ve been fighting against for over 13 years,” Orbán said, underlining that the government was “fighting this fight with the support of an overwhelming majority of Hungarians”. Support for the government on this issue “greatly transcends political affiliations”, he said. Even a left-wing pensioner agrees that they do not want to pay 180,000 forints (EUR 485) more a month, but that is what would happen if Hungary did what Brussels wanted, Orbán said. Hungary must stand up for its own interests; it should accept the proposals that are good but reject everything that points towards austerity and make it clear that the drafting of the budget is a national competency, he said. When it comes to the budget, Hungary’s only two obligations to the EU concern the budget deficit and the public debt, the prime minister said.