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President Katalin Novák met the members of Hungary’s Special Olympics World Games team in her Sándor Palace office on Tuesday. The athletes set to compete at the Berlin event next month took a ceremonial oath at the meeting. In her welcome speech, the president said the team would swear to prepare for the Special Olympics World Games honestly, with unbroken will and to the best of their ability. They also vowed to be driven by their patriotism and compete in the spirit of fair play, Novák said. “You will become role models for us, because your oath sets an example we should all follow,” Novák said. “We can learn respect, humility, honour, perseverance and a competitive spirit from you, as well as how to fight.” Novák thanked the athletes’ parents, coaches, corporate partners as well as the sports organisers. The president said she will attend the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics World Games and cheer on the athletes from the grandstands.
Lajos Lengyel, president of Special Olympics Hungary, said 76 Hungarian athletes will compete in 15 disciplines in June. The event will feature a total of some 7,000 athletes from around 200 countries, he added. Lengyel said Novák will be the first president to accompany and lead the team at the opening ceremony on June 17.