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A demonstration organised by the Szikra (Spark) Movement was held in front of the Budapest Municipal Court on Tuesday afternoon to demand the abolishment of the “bailiff mafia” and support for the “victims of debt collection procedures”. Párbeszéd lawmaker András Jámbor, a representative of Szikra, said the movement wanted a transparent debt collection regime, urging the introduction of a public electronic database. He called for investigations aimed at uncovering potential abuses “since debt collection became a for-profit process”, saying that any abuses warranted compensation.
Jámbor called for an equality of rights that applied “not just to the powerful”, but also those who have found themselves in trouble because of the crisis. He said a new debt collection law was needed because the existing debt collection regime “can’t be called fair or democratic”, arguing that bailiffs could be appointed for money.
Bernadett Bakos, a lawmaker of opposition LMP, said ruling Fidesz represented the “capitalist class” against the interests of the Hungarian people. She said former chief bailiff György Schadl had “preyed on those stuck at the edge of a cliff, and made billions”. The speakers and protesters walked from the court building to Parliament, where Jámbor said he will again submit his proposals aimed at reforming the debt collection regime.