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The success of European Romas hinges on their ability to adapt, resist and persevere even amid extreme difficulties, Lívia Járóka, an MEPof ruling Fidesz, said on Thursday, marking the anniversary of the Roma uprising in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. Marking the anniversary of the uprising on May 16, 1944, almost 80 years after it happened is important so that the horrors of that war shall never be repeated, she said. Romas have “faced all kinds of ostracism, exclusion and discrimination. They faced new challenges year after year as Europe refused to accept their way of life. But Romas have not disappeared. They are still among us, the largest minority in Europe, and have had many achievements and successes,” Járóka said in a statement. The European Union has a duty to fight for the rights of ethnic and national minorities with every means at their disposal, she said. It needs to stand up against all forms of discrimination and promote a “real and successful minority policy”, she added. May 16th has been celebrated as the Day of Romani Resistance since 2005 in western Europe and since 2015 in Hungary.