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Economic Development Minister Márton Nagy held talks with Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Qassim Al Abdullah Al-Thani, Qatar’s minister of commerce and industry, in Qatar on Monday, his ministry said. The ministers reviewed bilateral economic relations, with a focus on industry and trade cooperation and potential investment areas, the economic development ministry said in a statement. They were in agreement that bilateral economic ties have been developing continuously in recent years and that this trend was set to continue. Trade turnover between the two countries increased by 24 percent last year, exceeding 76 million US dollars, the ministry said. Nagy said Qatar was one of the fastest-developing countries in the Persian Gulf region, praising its “exemplary” growth in areas like the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the financial sector. Qatar can also be a key partner to Hungary when it comes to ensuring its uninterrupted energy supply, he said. The parties were in agreement on the need to continue to boost bilateral economic ties and that the expansion of research and development and industry cooperation should be a priority, the ministry said.