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President Katalin Novák held talks with French counterpart Emmanuel Macron in Reykjavik on Tuesday during the Reykjavík Summit of the Council of Europe. Novák said in a bilingual post on Facebook that there has not been a summit like the one beginning in Reykjavík for the last twenty years.
“Ahead of the session, I had a meeting with President of France Emmanuel Macron,” she said. “Europe needs strategic autonomy to be able to make decisions in its own best interests. However, for this, peace in Ukraine is needed as soon as possible. We count on each other,” she added. “I stand up for peace at international forums as well: now, at the Council of Europe Summit, a meeting of European leaders in Reykjavik, and on Thursday in New York at the UN,” Novák said.
On Wednesday, Novák held “friendly talks” with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. “We are allies in good times and bad,” Novák said on Facebook. The president said both took a common stand for traditional family values and against migration. Reykjavík is hosting a meeting of heads of state and government from 46 countries this week.